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GDPR Conformity

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a current European Union privacy law. It goes into force on May 25, 2018 and Its goal is to preserve the privacy and personal data rights of EU citizens, often known as data subjects. As we develop new services, we work hard to comply with the GDPR and apply its principles. Under GDPR, the word "personal data" (also known as "personal identifying information") is extremely significant. It refers to any information about an individual that can be used to directly or indirectly identify them. Personal data includes, for example, the following:

Is This Relevant To Me?

Regardless of where the processor or controller is based, the GDPR legislation applies to any EU resident's data. This means that if you're utilizing TweetScraper to contact other US companies from the US, the legislation won't apply to you. However, if you have any customers or leads in the EU, you should be aware of this. The GDPR must be considered by most businesses in practice to ensure the privacy of people.

Is TweetScraper GDPR Compliant?

Despite the fact that the GDPR only applies to data from EU residents, we decided to implement the regulation's requirements broadly. This implies that, unless in exceptional circumstances, we do not restrict any privacy-related feature based on a data subject's geographic location. The following are among the steps we've implemented to protect conformity:

The Processing's Objectives

For informational purposes, we exclusively analyze publicly available web data. Our users have a genuine interest in having faster access to publicly available information about other twitter users and companies. We enable professionals to connect with one another by acting as a customized search engine for Twitter and the Web.

Non-Public Data Is Systematically Pseudonymized

To protect data subjects' privacy, our applications substantially pseudonymize data. Any variables that don't need to be kept in their original form are deleted to prevent them from being linked to a specific data subject.

Right To Erase Data

If a person wants to expedite the removal of any email addresses in our database, we provide a way to do so by contacting us at . The info can then either be updated or completely removed.

Portability Of Data

Under the GDPR, any user has the right to download any data that he contributes to a service. This makes switching to other services much easier. This is an excellent concept, and TweetScraper has indeed allowed users to collect their data.

Are The Scraping Methods Offered By TweetScraper GDPR-Compliant?

Yes. Generating leads provided by TweetScraper include:

Scraping Twitter followers

Scraping Twitter following

Scraping tweet likes

Scraping tweet Retweets

Email verification

Website scraping

We function as a data processor who processes personal data provided by the client or obtained on the client's demand when our users activate any of the scraping methods we provide, thereby ordering us to collect and process third-party personal data. During the processing of personal data, we follow the instructions of the customer. The storage of gathered personal data is the only exception to this rule: in this processing activity, our clients and TweetScraper function as joint data controllers. The legitimate interests of TweetScraper, our clients, and third parties whose personal data is processed justify the processing of personal data via our scraping methods. TweetScraper takes the appropriate organizational and technical measures to secure the processing of the personal data stated above during such personal data processing. As a result, TweetScraper's scraping methods are GDPR compliant because they process personal data on a valid basis as defined by the GDPR. Furthermore, we takes adequate security precautions to protect such processing.


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